Biserka B. Markovic

Prof. BISERKA BERGMAN MARKOVIĆ, PHD, MD, born 13. 01. Zagreb, Croatia. Work like GP all professional life. After specialization of family medicine 1982, start working in Department of Family Medicine, School of Public Health „Andrija Štampar” Medical School University of Zagreb, and became regular professor. Special field of interests are prevention of CVD in family medicine and continuing medical education (CME). Like president of Association of Teachers in General Practice / Family Medicine (ATGP/FM), organized eleven congress and a lot of workshop for continuing medical education of GPs in Croatian. From 2008 till 2012 have organized project about systematic and planned intervention in family medicine on risk factor for CVD. From last ten years try to implement Program for prevention of CVD in quotidian work of every GP on national level. Mentor for seven doctoral dissertation, chief researcher on 5 project, and chief mentor for more than twenty residents on specialization of family medicine. Regular member of The Croatian Academy of Medical Science from 2014, and Committee for Cardiovascular Prevention Croatian Academia of Science and Art from 2016. Member of adversary board of Association of General Practitioner / Family Medicine from South East Europe (AGP/FM SEE).